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Chicago Telangana Association (CHITA) is an organisation consisting of people of Telangana origin living in and around Chicagoland area.  Telangana is a region in South-Central India and forms Northern Part of Present day state of Andhra Pradesh.

Telangana has a rich history of unique culture with strong folk traditions such as Oggukatha, Burrakatha and various festivals such as Bathukamma, Bonalu, Pirla Panduga.

The purpose and the mission of CHITA are as follows:

To preserve and promote Telangana culture and identity in Chicagoland area.

  • To build a strong Telangana NRI Community in and around Chicago land area and provide a platform for developmental/charity activities to benefit Telangana.

  • Create a platform to educate and raise awareness of the issues concerned with Telangana region.

  • Help Telangana people in Democratic reforms to decentralize for more effective utilization of Telangana resources.

  • To foster friendship and understanding between people of Telangana origin and others in America and elsewhere.

  • To generate resources for cultural, educational, and charitable purposes either directly or in cooperation with other not-for-profit organizations in America and abroad for the purpose of serving both the Telangana community and the community at large.